Welcome To The Great Hall

Welcome To The Great Hall

The Great Hall is used for Feasts, Announcements, News, Notices's and of course Sorting! We also use it for Special Events and Large Gatherings.

Hogwarts Emblem

Headmisstress's Announcements

Thank You All For Joining Us! To feast, talk, gather and enjoy.

- 1st Years, it's time to be Sorted!

- Could ALL students look after our new 1st years.

- Remember true wizards and witches practice magic, it does not come naturally.

Notice Board

- The Christmas Feast will be held on the 25th of December.

- For new students please read all the notices on the Front Page.

- Teachers Needed!

- Ministry Workers Needed!

- Shop Owners Needed!

(Owl Me if you would like to become any of the above but remember not all will be accepted).



- Cornflakes

- Eggs

- Bacon

- Saugages

- Toast

- Rolls

- Kippers

- Porridge

- Orange Juice/Water


- Casserole

- Soup

- Stew

- Roast Chicken/Beef

- Sandwiches

- Shepherds Pie

- Steak


- Apple Pie

- Chocolate Gateau and Eclairs

- Tart

- Ice cream/ Jelly/ Custard

- Trifle

- Strawberry Muffins


- Christmas Feast

House Points

House Point Count









House Cup

The House that has the most points by the 1st of February shall win the House Cup!

House Cup

Remember that you can earn points by enetering compettions such as Quidditch Tournaments, by behaving well for your house, by getting good results in your classes, etc.

Now Roleplay Below As Much As You Want But Remember To State What House You Are In And Use The Signature Button So We Know The Time And Date!